Lena's Adult Day Services

What Lena's has to Offer

Lena's is a new facility located in South Glens Falls, NY that provides a safe, fun, and caring atmosphere for adults needing daily supervised care, often referred to as adult day services.

At Lena's our guests receive compassionate daytime care and healthy social interaction.

We have a number of flexible options for adult care that we hope will meet your needs.

Day Program

Our Monday through Saturday day program seeks to assist you in the caring of your loved one. Many caregivers work outside the home, and are unable to be with their dependent family member around-the-clock.

All caregivers need a break... to have time for themselves, to do errands, visit others, etc.

Some caregiving situations are just temporary, and rearranging family schedules is not practical.

Lena's is here to help! Adult day services can be an affordable and practical alternative to nursing home care.

Visit our Day Program page to learn more.

Lenas Adult Day Services Building